Why I’m Finally Converted to Pro-Trump

new-adBy: Jay Dyer

A year ago I had one friend telling me Donald Trump was going to be president (and I think Ann Coulter said this, too), and I laughed. Nothing could be more ridiculous – and on top of that, the idea that Trump might actually believe and act on his nationalism, as if he genuinely opposed globalism, I would have laughed even harder. I was wrong: succumbing to a lot of cynicism and the prevalence of the right being co-opted and bought off – most notably the worthless libertarianism of the Pauls, it seemed as if opposition at some level of power was impossible.

Then, Trump started trolling the media hardcore, with the lamestream media daily convulsing over his “racism,” “Hitlerianism,” and any other nonsensical pejorative, at the same time as they all, with one accord, proclaimed each week his “meltdown” and “downfall.” A week later, a month later, Trump was still going strong and still the MSM was definitively declaring “the end.” Then, Trump won, and the pale, sad faces of the talking heads and pundits became our most prized screenshots and sources of entertainment – even for me, who still wasn’t Pro-Trump because I thought it was some kind of business scam or genius comedic performance art.  Then, I started to wonder if he was turning post-modernism against itself.

Then, it was a question of what he would do when actually in office, as the media went into full retard berserk mode of hyperventilating, hanging on each tweet and hand gesture, furiously attempting to decipher anything that might implicate Trump as magically linked to Hitler – look! Hitler had a comb-over – so does Trump! Trump is signaling that he supports Hitler! It really was (and is) that bad, by the way. When Trump continued to signal that he was bringing jobs back from China, continued criticizing climate change, called CNN and NBC “fake news” on multiple occasions, the establishment media freakout went nuclear. Then came the inauguration speech, the feminazi march, and then the executive orders…and the left became preppers – total Twilight Zone.

In order to understand this strange phenomenon, as I have been trying to do, I think I have finally put the pieces together with grasping post-modernism, classical liberalism, the Enlightenment and the modern left. Once Donald Trump is understood from the perspective of post-modernism, it begins to make sense. It also makes sense how and why Trump is genuinely anti-globalist and how, even though Trump is not perfect, I think we can have hope that things are genuinely going to change. Or, at least for those of us on the right with sympathies with Tradition, biblical philosophy and Russia, we can hope for new possibilities. Even America, a “nation” purportedly founded on non-interventionism, might conceivably be altered in its course to at least not be a force for the projection of toxic culture and foreign policy across the globe.



Post-modernism was a reaction to the progressive, at times utopian, ideas of the Enlightenment. Advances in the sciences, technological and industrial revolutions, as well as religious revolutions (the Protestant Reformation) all contributed to the shift in western thought and life towards rationalism, mechanistic obsession and atheism. The quantification of all life and reality was intimately connected with the market-dominated philosophy of laissez faire, classical liberalism and the Masonic philosophy of Adam Smith, operating under the behest of the British Empire and its East India Company.

This is the beginning of modern globalist philosophy and its horrid offspring like NAFTA and the TTP. Seemingly at odds with illuminism or revolutionary socialism, the divide is quite thin in practice – especially given the prevalence of the philosophy of the Lodge in the background of both Adam Smith and Adam Weishaupt. Given this faulty starting point in anthropology I have highlighted many, many times, the entire dialectical projects built upon these contradictory premises (the autonomy of man, naive empiricism, “natural” rights theory, social contract, free markets, etc.), were doomed to eventually collapse and fall – and they did. While we are situated at the end of this long process of usurious materialistic, market commodification of all of reality, the signs of anti-globalist movements in our day signal precisely the death of this Enlightenment mythos.  Karl Marx, you may not know, was an advocate of free trade as a means to destroy peoples and bring about the ‘revolution.’

‘You are fake news.’

For the liberals of our day, which includes all the dominant ideologies – the neo-conservative, neo-liberal and collectivist left, etc., Trump is inexplicable. Trapped in these prison-like boxes of ideological dead ends, they are unable to even understand their own positions and their implications. Given these positions are all based around Enlightenment quantification, cybernetics and the entirely correct Heideggerian critique of the western philosophical divide of lived being, thought and form, the necessarily resulting nihilism is the doomed chasm to which all of these modern philosophies lead. In other words, it is becoming evident that all of modernity’s philosophical projects, ideologies, political movements, etc., are doomed at the outset, and lead to collapse from within because the systems are all erected on contradictory premises – namely that of pure relativism, which leads to pure and total nihilism.

Masonic fellow-travelers.

Masonic fellow-travelers. Adam Smith and Karl Marx –

both champions of “free trade.”

Nihilism is not palatable to most human beings, who find quite a bit of meaning in their families, daily work, art, religion, etc. We can see here the end result of the technocratic plan, intimately bound up with its presupposition of materialistic quantification not only gives man no hope, but eventually due to its own inner, dark logic, works to actively end man as man, through post-humanism. Why? Because it’s a logical result of the starting point of a few centuries ago for all western thought – that human autonomy, freedom and individuality are somehow the starting points – the very fundamental building blocks – of human anthropology, from which an entire structure is supposed to be built, with Locke, Hume, Smith, Reid, Jefferson, and the rest of this Masonic crew, enforcing their absurdities and nonsense on the rest of the globe, unfortunately. From these poisoned wells, Darwin, Marx and Freud are vomited forth as successors to their philosophical forefather scoundrels, all unified in their move to “free man” from his neuroses of family, heritage, tradition and God.

America is the special project of these clowns, and is the world’s first melting pot nation erected on a purely propositional foundation (as Lincoln said). Prior to that, “nations,” “tribes,” or ethnoi were organized around familial and extended familiar structures. America was a new, covert attempt at Atlantis, but an Atlantis erected on Enlightenment ideology, and in that regard, the logos of America is problematic precisely because it is contradictory. The “god” of most of the “founders” was the god of masonry – a deistic, irrelevant “force” whose non-existence was itself a covert attack on Orthodox Christianity. In other words, the “god” of the apostate mother country of England – the “god” of Henry VIII and his later Queen-headed state church, which nowadays advocates every imaginable perversion and blasphemy.

Thus, given the ethos from which America arose, there might have been some possibility of a separate “Christian” culture developing in the South, but that was all ended following the Civil War. Indeed, Karl Marx wrote to Lincoln praising him for his success in spreading the plans of the industrial factory owners to the South, which Marx believed would sooner bring about the next stage of world communism. Far from being a “freedom fighter,” Karl Marx was a self-conscious Satanist who wrote in favor of free trade and globalism. Now, we fast forward to Trump.

One of the most secure locales in the world, the Vatican - with its WALL.

One of the most secure locales in the world, the liberation theology dominated Vatican – with its hypocritical WALL.

According to Quigley, 20th century America was almost wholly dominated by Atlanticist-globalist faction of the oligarchic elite, and was only legitimately opposed by a single movement, the America Firsters, who never fully succeeded in halting the machinations of the Cliveden Set and British Intelligence to maneuver the U.S. into World War II. Thus, Quigley admits, the U.S. was unanimously under the grip of this banking power, and of particular use as an engine for its foreign policy. Here is where Trump is a legitimate problem for globalism. In my view, the danger of globalism centers around a handful of threats:

  • Fiat, usury, debt and gold-based monetary structures
  • Subversion of Churches and traditional religious institutions (or co-opting)
  • Subversion of families, patriarchy and human sexuality through toxic culture
  • The erasing of existing ethnic distinctions and cultural distinctions
  • Creating a single, global, “free trade” marketplace
  • Global military bases and militarization
  • Managed dialectics of communism and capitalism (both are key for internationalism)
  • Eventual control of all energy and natural resources
  • Population control through dubious  “environmental” auspices

All such plots and plans were outlined in numerous Masonic and revolutionary guides (as well as in bankster and technocrat white papers), and far from functioning as a real “revolution,” such movements were always fostered and funded by either rival governments or by the international monetary power for the creation of a global government through a global marketplace. Thus, operations such as NAFTA, TTP, etc. are crucial nodes in the globalist framework for extending the Atlanticist model for global government. Make no mistake about it – on each of these points, Trump is consistently anti-globalist.

screen-shot-2017-01-29-at-4-18-53-pmThe problem is that most people introduced to anti-establishment narratives such as the “truther” movement or depopulation are generally exposed to such views through an indy media outlet that already shares many or most of the classical liberal presuppositions (such as radical egalitarianism, feminism, libertarian atomism, anarcho nonsense, moral liberalism such as pro-gay and pro-abortion positions, open borders, etc.) Liberalism of some form is the very air we breathe, from birth, so it’s understandable that one’s “awakening” should come in stages, and thank God, these stages are progressing as people begin to see vapid “truthering” and “fact-based news reporting” is only as good as the worldview being promoted. For example, if one is anti-war, on what basis is anti-war coherent, while simultaneously arguing for abortion? If one supports open borders, how does one coherently allow Japan or Israel to have strict border control?

When we survey Trump, we see someone far more appealing than the liberal pseudo-antidote of Ron Paul, whose open borders stance is nothing short of suicide. Indeed, it is the height of absurdity that the United States alone must be made to feel guilty for wanting a border wall – that often borders cartel controlled areas! The pope, who sits in a giant palace with unscalable walls, has the audacity to lecture us on a wall – yet never China or other nations on their borders! Borders are like wall of a house, they protect and preserve and only the alt right in modern discourse has proposed the shocking idea that cultures should be able to retain their traditions! Readers will recall that I have been critical of, and debated the alt right, on this very point – the covert support of the war on terror.

And, thank God, Trump himself has called attention to this publicly. This is good news and real progress in my book, and if the alt right wants to believe all the terror is real, ultimately that can be debated – so long as we recognize the western deep state loves and is behind the “terror” or better yet, mercenaries in places like Libya and Syria. Even if every major terror attack is false, the intentional displacement of large portions of Muslims, a result of the western support for terror and war, is still real. Ultimately this will mean the toxification of the displaced persons with degenerate western pop culture, but this could potentially be halted if the new right movements such as Le Pen and others in Germany aren’t co-opted. I am speaking here about possibilities, and particularly covert NATO influence should be guarded against.

Watch the censored video here of the migrant wave in France, as an example.  

This is also not a declaration of support for all the policies of Geert Wilders or any politicians playing into the clash of civilizations narrative – however, the differences are real, and for that reason, the obliteration of any traces of Christianity in western civilization is the explicit goal – be sure of that. In fact, it is the neoconservatives who truly hate Trump!  Then, long term, the Islamic nations will be degenerated by all the same scientistic policies of western technocracy. In short, the clash is being orchestrated, but as an adherent of Orthodox Civilization, we cannot be forced to admit our religion is false or a failure. Here it is my hope that Trump’s positive actions concerning the border and immigration can stave off the decline. I am not a champion of Americanism, but America is the most powerful force on the planet, and, like it or not, it’s here. It exists – and if it its machinery can be harnessed and turned towards good, that would be amazing. Two years ago, I would have said that was impossible. Now, I at least think it is possible.

Thank God.

Thank God.

Broadly speaking, Trump is pro-lifepro-gunanti-vaccineanti-Common Coreanti-Obamacare, anti-eugenics, anti-TPPanti-open borders, anti-U.N., anti-climate changeanti-lobbying, roughly alt rightpro-Russia, anti-NATO (at least in the past), genuinely wants energy independence, firing Nuland and a host of vipers, etc., on and on, taking actions consistent with his campaign promises.  The first week of Obama’s candidacy he made his past secret – Trump has undone much of that in one week, as the MSM now admits.   To argue this is all a “long con” I think is just ridiculous and fails to take into account how damaging these actions are to the perception of globalism.

The entirety of modernity is built upon the false notion that the source of mankind’s ills are located in differences – differences in race, culture, creed, gender, etc.  If these can be obliterated through a phony revolutionary myth which places all blame on class warfare, hierarchy, gender warfare, etc., then the false gospel of humanism believes it can erect some distant utopia.  This is all a lie, of course, and Trump represents perhaps the last barrier to that mythology – a mythology ironically funded and supported by corporate and financial internationalists.


Even Trump’s rhetoric cost the defense companies heavily!  The howling shrieks and cries from the mainstream media on a minute by minute basis also testify to this. Trump may not be perfect (I disagree with the torture position), but I am convinced he is not an evil man and is genuinely anti-globalist. And no, I have not been invited on Alex Jones or anything of that nature – months ago I was cautiously optimistic and said we would know soon enough whether Trump was legitimate or not.  In fact, I already lost a handful of subscribers for mentioning this on Facebook – good riddance, as they seethed at me with the kind of venom only anarchists and feminists can spew.

I was ‘cautiously optimistic’ months ago – I haven’t changed my position:

Likewise, the screeching howls of the monetarists and internationalists at Davos and their liberal world order was just as real – the CFR is genuinely not happy – all of their organs are in overdrive to ruin Trump with fake news and planted stories, none of which is having effect, as Trump consistently calls out CNN and NBC, etc., as “fake news.”  The most ridiculous of all being Tarpley, who has completely discredited himself as he incessantly touts a Trump dark age alleging he “reads Hitler every night” – you can’t make this up (also comical was Tarpley’s failed attempt to dismantle Spengler).  Hilariously, Tarpley even championed the degenerate  feminazi “women’s march” as the continuation of the “New Deal” (you cannot make this up).  Rather, the deep state is genuinely opposed to Trump – just look at ‘pee gate,’ the most ridiculous fake news story to date, rivaled only by the Russian hack narrative.  As a test, just go and read the CFR, RAND and Brookings Institute publications anti-Trump pieces – they are nonstop.

The world and the mainstream media are confused and generally unable to read Trump – they can’t seem to figure out what is happening. That is because the Enlightenment mythos is breaking and the egalitarian left are realizing what we on the traditional camp have said all along – humans look to leaders and hierarchy, they don’t operate as rational, atomic units. Trump represents post-modernism in a good way, in the way of a possible return to Tradition, and that is what is causing the confused mob of brainwashed liberals to panic. It is a daily demonstration to them that their anthropology and worldview are false. Men will rediscover Tradition, the Bible, Orthodox Christianity and patriarchy and they will find that is what makes them strong – and that all forms of liberalism – especially classical liberalism – leads to techno-nihilism and death.

Read all of Jay Dyer’s works on philosophy, film, science, and geopolitics at Jay’s Analysis.


6 thoughts on “Why I’m Finally Converted to Pro-Trump

  1. Came here from Takimag. Good summary. I especially agree with your bit about news being only as good as the worldview it comes from; and that people look to heroes and hierarchy and leadership, not atomic, rational self-interest. I have had the same thoughts, but have never been able to articulate them as well as you have. Well said.

      • No: A reader put a link in the comment section. I’m with you but I disagree about Classical Liberalism and Ron Paul. Other than open borders he’s on the same page as you. Without welfare it would be a different story, but even after eight years of Trump we won’t get rid of welfare. We wiill be lucky if we come close to getting the debt under control or cutting debt.

  2. Excellent stuff! What a humor God has to send us these small mercies even through the corrupt oven of Dermocracy! I knew from the outset that Trump was something very different (just by how his enemies treated him. They were DESPERATE to stop him). I just had doubts as to whether he could actually win or not. But as it turns out, the Cathedral slips up now and again, and he is the president. From current actions, it looks as if his domestic policy will feature little backing down from his campaign rhetoric. And that bodes very well for foreign policy!

    I loved the optimism at the end of this article. Put a smile on my face. Thank you guys for all that you do. TO VICTORY!

    By the way, I have moved to WordPress. My blog can be found here now:


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