Theology East & West

Fr. Chris Moody is a Greek Orthodox Chaplain for the Army whose scholarly focus is the works of St. Gregory Palamas and the Eastern teaching of the divine energies and the Triads, being fluent in koine Greek. In this conversation we discuss the different conceptions of epistemology (including the Nous) in Eastern theology as contrasted with both Roman Catholic and Protestant/evangelical theology in the West.  We also cover the history of these differences, as well as Thomistic scholasticism and the filioque in contrast to the debate of Palamas and Barlaam the Augustinian, with the trek of the West fulfilling Palamas’ prophetic statement about absolute divine simplicity and created grace ending in atheism. To hear the full interview, subscribe here for 4.95 a month with access to the archives. Note: There was a technical issue in terms of sound for the first 20 minutes, but this gets corrected.