Globalist Jihad

The January 7th murder of twelve people at the offices of the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo in Paris, purportedly by a cell of radical Muslims, has shocked not only French society, but the entire Western world. Indeed, the luminaries of the “international community” have risen up in outrage. The act represented an unprecedented assault on the foundational freedoms of the West and as such must be defiantly resisted and ruthlessly punished; so runs the script, anyway. Manuel Valls, the French prime minister, railed that now France is in “a war against terrorism, against jihadism, against radical Islam, against everything that is aimed at breaking fraternity, freedom, solidarity.” And thus the dialectic is set: violent, radical Islam vs. the freedom-loving West.

Recent historical perspective, however, casts this entire emotionally charged narrative into considerable doubt.  For starters, the supposed confrontation between France and radical Islam is blatantly contrived. France, alongside its allies in Britain and the US, has played a leading role in funding and arming jihadists in Libya and Syria. The eagerness of the Élysée to provide military aid to these radical Muslim groups surpasses even that of Washington. Only two months ago French foreign minister Laurent Fabius blasted President Obama for failing to bomb Bashar Assad’s Syria. That a direct attack on the Syrian military would only empower ISIS and other radical Muslim groups was left unacknowledged by the French minister – it’s enough to note that France is quite willing to use the most violent of Muslim sects to advance the globalist project. The Paris jihadists, after all, reportedly received their training in Syria while fighting the West’s war against Assad.

Across the Atlantic, the hypocritical bluster of Valls echoed even louder. FOX News and other neoconservative media outlets engage in alarmist rhetoric about Sharia law coming to America, with one guest using the Charlie Hebdo shootings to call for a “Muhammad Law” which would be used to target subversive, even if non-violent, Islamist activists that seek to “overthrow freedom.” Meanwhile, the rather dull comedian Bill Maher has used his media platform to snipe about the allegedly “hundreds of millions” of Muslims that support terrorism, calling for the West to “stand up for liberal principles.” None of these commentators have noticed the extensive support Western governments have rendered to radical Islam over the past three and a half decades. Nor was mention given to the fact, as exposed by whistleblower Colonel Anthony Schaffer, that Anwar al-Awlaki, the now-dead cleric who allegedly inspired the Charlie Hebdo jihadists, was an FBI informant. Such connections are blissfully non-existent in the elite-controlled media.

Anwar Al-Awlaki Bashar Assad

What’s Arabic for, “Should have seen that coming from a thousand miles away?”

Contrary to the dialectic now articulated by the Western establishment, Syrian president Bashar Assad has warned the West on several occasions that its reckless sponsorship of jihadist groups in Syria would ultimately result in the “high price” of terrorism in Europe and beyond. In actuality the West and radical Islam aren’t true antagonists, as their ancestors were, but rather they exist in symbiotic interdependence, with contemporary jihadism serving to empower the nation-killing postmodern Leviathan both domestically and internationally.

Leaving aside the exact nature of the attack and its perpetrators, the Euro-Atlantic ruling class has seized upon it to prosecute other objectives. As former Obama advisor Rahm Emmanuel once posited, never let a serious crisis go to waste. Within days of the attack, cries for “cyber-security” immediately were sounded by various political factions already emboldened by the previous “hack” of Sony. Jihadist presence in social media was supposedly an admitted problem, even though observers have wondered for years why ISIS accounts on Twitter operate freely while those who express mere politically incorrect opinions are swiftly banished from the same platforms. Like clockwork, “supporters” of ISIS hacked the Twitter account of the US Central Command, with Obama re-proposing more cyber-security regulations that would increase the government’s access to private information.

Speaking of the Charlie Hebdo attack, an American government official told a CNN reporter:

This is in perpetuity what we’re dealing with. It’s like the war on drugs. This isn’t going to stop.

Then again, it was never meant to stop. Just as our overlords profit from running the global drug trade, they also demand ever more surveillance authority to protect the citizenry from terrorism while funding, training and arming those very same terrorists. America and its allies bomb ISIS, yet ISIS continues to expand. The war is not meant to be won; deep-state terrorism is designed to re-order society at the most fundamental level.

Solve et coagula.

Divide et impera, solve et coagula.

The masses (ever a source of untruth, as Søren Kierkegaard taught us) are carefully managed and insulated from any uncomfortable truths about the true nature of the system. As expected, social media trendies tweeted “Je suis Charlie” from their tables at Starbucks while swallowing wholesale cultural subversion and nihilism; those of a more sincere nature are kept under control with a toxic mixture of media-promoted fear and petty distractions. Those who today are enraged by the events at the Charlie Hebdo offices will hardly remember them tomorrow.

All the dialectics and schemes of the globalist financial priesthood are ultimately channeled toward the completion of their unholy war, what the prophetic Fyodor Dostoevsky described as “the full triumph of Baal, the ultimate organization of an anthill.” And Dostoevsky was well aware of elite manipulation of terror to serve an agenda of social control; violent revolutionaries of his day have merely been replaced with violent, radical jihadists. The music changes, but the song remains the same.


9 thoughts on “Globalist Jihad

  1. It is Karma of France to get back what it meted out to Algeria, Syria for its own national interest. It is blind materialism, the out-growth of Christian theological dogmatism, on the one hand, and soulless modern science, on the other, which make the west believe that it is a universe of chance, and that there is nothing known as moral order of the universe. They will one day wake up from their soul-slumber when the cumulative power of retributive Karma–Nemesis–of all the monstrosities they have inflicted on others for their glory and profit begin to precipitate on them. Signs of the impending doom are already becoming evident.

  2. Up until the 19th century, these extremist elements, historically referred to in the Islamic Civilization as the Khawarijites, were always easily kept under wraps and control by the ruling polity. There are hundreds of references to these extremist groups, starting as early as the 8th Century AD. The British and Americans, over the course of the last 150 years, have taken this tiny, insignificant group of Khawarijites and have literally promoted them to absolute leaders of the Islamic World, propping up their rule on the Arabian Peninsula and allowing them to spend billions of their petrol dollars towards spreading their malignancy to Muslims across the entire world. Without the support of the Anglo-American establishment, this malignancy, just like throughout many centuries of Islamic Civilization, would have been wiped out in the 19th century.

    History shows (Islamic Spain, Ottoman Empire) that traditional Muslims and Christians have and can share the same cultural space and retain their identities, as Traditional Christian and Islamic values are actually more parallel and compatible than any other religions in the world today. The issue is secular liberalism. Secular Liberalism is incompatible with any tradition with reference to the absolute. While the secularization of European Christendom was a very slow process that began with the French Revolution and has taken hundreds of years to reach its fruition, it has only in the past 50 to 60 years or so where it has been jammed down the throats of the Muslim world, and in some societies, much more recent than that. So yes, some Muslims in Europe do clash with the secular liberal extremism in some places like France, Spain and Britain; some because they adhere to wacky wahhabism and will pretty much clash with anyone; but others, because they still have their traditional morality and ethical norms of any monotheism in tact. There would be equally a clash if you took a very traditional Christian society from the Bible Belt in the USA and stuck them in Paris. However you may not have the issues of race mixing that many seem to take issue with.

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