The Subversion-Industrial Complex

Playing in good faith by the rules of the world controllers earns certain undesirable peoples precisely zero credit. As a case in point, recent elections held in the war-ravaged east of Ukraine have unsurprisingly been summarily dismissed by Washington and Brussels. Any political expression running contrary to the aims and ends of the globalist superclass is denounced as illegal and illegitimate, with selective application of international law the one observable norm.

A political order is only deemed legitimate if said elites classify it such. Thus popular elections in the breakaway east, known again by its older name Novorussia, are dismissed wholesale as Russian-backed manipulation. (After all, the globalists believe that choreography of elections should be the exclusive purview of the State Department and assorted NGOs.) Likewise, the governments of Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Kyrgyzstan have been challenged or threatened by the West over their pursuit of closer relations with Russia, even though each has gained power through internationally recognized democratic processes.

Sidestepping its professed principles, the Western establishment has been quite willing to embrace sundry violent Ukrainian nationalists and neo-Nazi factions in its bid to turn the Ukraine into a NATO launch pad for projecting influence into Russia and the rest of Eurasia. Sponsorship and training of thuggish Ukrainian nationalists, who have already expressed their inclination toward committing acts of terrorism inside Russia, is but another disastrous step toward a new Cold War.

Aside from enabling Ukrainian Waffen-SS throwbacks and potential terrorists, the rulers of the West also project their insidious cultural pathologies into Russia, with the “anarchist” punk band Pussy Riot serving as the most blatant of examples. The American people themselves should not be blamed for the genesis of this plague, for they were its first victims. The systematic, scientific weaponization of culture was simply introduced and perfected in America, the elites’ laboratory for subversive projects. And despite the clamoring of old Cold War conservatives, the “Communist conspiracy” that has wrecked their traditional social and religious institutions was conceived not in the Kremlin, but in the higher echelons of Langley and the boardrooms of Fifth Avenue. What is now identified as cultural Marxism, the project of the exiled Freudian-Marxists of the German Frankfurt School, was funded and promoted through academia, the media, and the intelligence agencies by wealthy oligarchs who ultimately ran all of these institutions. Their revolutionary social model is now being exported to the rest of the world as a tool to undermine the remnants of traditional societies, especially in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, and absorb them into the globalist control matrix.

Gotta scare the couch potatoes!

How should we scare the couch potatoes now?

The globalists’ rancor against Russia, however, is more clearly manifest in a malicious, yet ever more childish, smear campaign against Russian President Vladimir Putin. Whatever his faults, Russia’s leader is now frequently depicted in the West’s elite-controlled mass media as the incarnation of evil and the veritable reoccurrence of German dictator Adolf Hitler. It must be understood that the drive to demonize Putin is not aimed exclusively, or even primarily, at the Russian people, who are not particularly sensitive to the foreign press carnival. Rather, the anti-Putin media hysteria targets Western populations.

As the elites continue to shred ever-dwindling liberties, degrade traditional culture, and flood the nations they rule with successive waves of desperate third world immigrants, Westerners are presented not only with a wider array of vapid consumer goods and more preposterous and perverted sexual options – they are also subjected to continuous media psy-op campaigns to convince them that every uncooperative dictator and geopolitical rival of the West (particularly America) is an existential security threat that must be confronted. In this frenzy to manufacture consent, Westerners are bombarded non-stop with paranoid rhetoric declaring that Putin, the love child of Hitler and Stalin, is preparing to send his tanks rolling across the North European Plain in a quest to reestablish the long-defunct Soviet Union. That NATO, in fact, has advanced eastward to Russia’s borders, despite previous agreements to not expand into former Warsaw pact nations, goes unmentioned in almost all US and European media commentary.

The wider project of elite-contrived subversion is thus aimed in varying manners and mediums at both the Russians, via cultural distortion, political destabilization, and terrorism, and Western populations through cynical fear-mongering unleashed via the corporate mass media. Should ordinary Americans, for example, see the Russian nation as their enemy? We are being viciously exploited financially and brought into ever increasing debt, not by Putin or the Russian state, but by a transnational plutocracy, a reality that is intentionally suppressed in our collective consciousness.

Technocracy is love.

Technocracy is love.

The twentieth century German writer Ernst Jünger observed this trend over sixty years ago in his book The Forest Passage. He opined that in the West, and especially in United States, media-fueled hysteria

…finds its best feeding grounds; and it is propagated through networks that operate at the speed of light. The need to hear the news several times a day is already a sign of fear; the imagination grows and paralyzes itself in a rising vortex. The myriad antennae rising above our megacities resemble hairs standing on end – they provoke demonic contacts.

Witnessing the anti-Russian propaganda spewed forth daily from CNN, FOX News, the New York Times, and the BBC, this observation rings true now more than ever. Jünger further noted this fear, now spread to both East and West:

The West is afraid of the East, the East afraid of the West. Everywhere on the planet people live in daily expectation of terrifying attacks, and in many places there is also the fear of civil war.

So what relief can be found from media malice, cultural ruination, war and rumors of war, and the general dehumanization of modern man? Are despair and resignation the only options? Certainly we must agree with the Russian philosopher Nicolas Berdyaev, who said that we have entered “a period of great difficulty for human personality, for freedom of spirit, for higher culture.” Yet the globalist oligarchs, technocrats, and others who seek the complete domination of their fellow man most certainly do not have the final word. As Berdyaev foresaw, a “mobilization of spirit can be set up against modern collective insanity and demonic possession.” This spiritual resistance would be a “new Christian piety” to “be revealed in our world.”

Slowly and in fits and starts, the embers of this spiritual mobilization and rebirth of Christian piety, the spiritual resistance to the crushing dehumanization of globalism, have already begun to burn. A Russia that in the twentieth century found salvation neither in godless communism nor godless capitalism is drawing toward Berdyaev’s vision. And perhaps in time this light will burn bright enough to awaken souls in Western Europe and North America, those who have forgotten the faith that sustained their ancestors for almost two thousand years.