Shock Troops of Dystopia

On the eleventh anniversary of the September 11th attacks, America learned that the country’s ambassador in Libya had just been killed in the line of duty. On business in Benghazi, J. Christopher Stevens, two contract security men and an information specialist had sought refuge in a U.S. consular villa from rampaging mobs when they were overrun, lynched and dragged through the city’s streets.

The Obama Administration, thoroughly embarrassed by such a major security failure, has clamped down tightly on media coverage while constructing an unconvincing narrative of the asphyxiated and almost-dead Stevens “rescued” by goodhearted locals. Nonetheless, it has become evident that an Al-Qaeda affiliate carried out the ambassador’s assassination. A poorly-made internet video, shot from Los Angeles and negatively depicting the Muslims’ prophet Mohamed, served as pretext for the attack. Yet this, too, was no isolated action; incensed throngs of urban fellaheen would swarm Western embassies across the Islamic world in a near-simultaneous motion.

Ambassador Stevens will be remembered as a professional diplomat with inside knowledge of the Arab street, though not enough to save him. Stevens was no innocent abroad; in March 2011 he was sent to Benghazi by Washington to coordinate the Libyan revolution and in this capacity played a key role in the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi. A picture published by an Iranian news outlet shows what appears to be none other than Stevens kneeling in triumph over the slain leader, as a big-game hunter might after bagging a prize kill. What was the ambassador thinking as he stared into Gaddafi’s lifeless, shattered face? Surely not that he would share the same fate within a year’s time, that he too would be murdered and his corpse defiled by the very “freedom fighters” he helped unleash.

After the disastrous occupation of Iraq, the United States pursued a new Middle East strategy incorporating special operations, NGO-style covert action and selectively applied air power. Especially over the last few years, U.S. foreign policy has manipulated currents of popular discontent in Dar-al-Islam with the goal of regime change. While Western television audiences are treated to live interviews from Tahrir Square with fashionable young bloggers eager for elections and IKEA, America also channels jihadist forces to remove any potential opposition to dominance of the region and its energy resources. Al-Qaeda and associated formations have proven not so much sworn enemies of the West as an invaluable asset in undermining uncooperative states like Libya and Syria. The misery that follows provides a ready-made excuse for further U.S.-NATO intervention. In this context Stevens’ death can rightly be viewed as the collateral damage of an Arab Spring largely engineered by CIA and the State Department.

Russia’s response to the consulate attack was pointed- blowback is a cruel and all-too predictable consequence of the disorder wrought by an arrogant imperium. The bloody Soviet experience in Afghanistan, itself the last decisive theater of the Cold War, is barely a generation past, but the U.S. continues to employ mujahedin in operations against Russian interests and allies to this day. Yevgeny Satanovsky, head of Moscow’s Middle East Institute, dispensed with diplomatic niceties and exposed the utterly obtuse assumptions behind the Freedom Agenda:

You are trying to distribute democracy the way we tried to distribute socialism. You do it the Western way. They hate both…They lynched Qaddafi – do you really think they will be thankful to you? They use stupid white people from a big rich and stupid country which they really hate.

This severe rebuke is unfortunately well-founded. Most Americans evince neither knowledge nor concern over the story of Ambassador Stevens; they save their outrage for faulty calls by referees in NFL football games. And why should the body politic of the world’s most successful democracy even pretend to care about a murder in the Maghreb or the pacification of Afghanistan? What need is there to establish the true horror of a Pashtun wedding feast incinerated by a Reaper drone, or of the deaths of valiant men for an ignoble lie? It is enough to know the price of freedom- “the troops” and nameless natives perish so that we may vote and consume. Our duty on the home front is to enjoy– to enrich, engorge and entertain ourselves into oblivion, for there is no call higher than our own desire.

Desire for power drives globalist oligarchs and their front men in public office, and unlike the dazed masses, they know exactly what they inflict upon nations. Their model for “progress” is achieved through studied practice of the Hegelian dialectic. For this reason the Middle East is subjected to a strategy of polarization. Phasing out secular dictators like Tunisia’s Ben-Ali and Egypt’s Mubarak, Washington now bestows largesse upon both liberal activists and the Muslim Brotherhood. Whatever political synthesis is reached after some period of instability, the new regimes are well aware that their financial well-being is fully dependent on the gracious goodwill of the IMF and World Bank. Should a ruler with an independent streak, a Gaddafi or an Assad, resist the march of liberty, he will be destroyed by a NATO-sponsored rebellion and humanitarian airstrikes, snuffed out to the unsexed merriment of the Secretary of State. Yet no one is supposed to notice when corrupt Gulf potentates facilitate the bloodshed and Salafist fighters kill U.S. diplomats.

America’s methods for controlling the Middle East are also used against geopolitical rivals, foremost among them Russia. The nuclear-armed Russian state will not be intimidated with no-fly zones and sanctions, but its people must be broken. Hence the steady flow of Afghan heroin into the country, U.S. missile defense infrastructure on Moscow’s frontiers and semi-official encouragement of regional and ethnic separatism. The most sinister aspect of this offensive, however, is of another nature entirely. Russians are targeted for indoctrination through liberal media organs and Western-funded NGOs; the goal of the campaign is to corrode and eventually abolish Orthodox, Slavic identity and the traditional family, to replicate the spiritual desolation that long ago seized Europe and the United States.

Thus while the Arab street is rocked by riots, the Empire of the Tsars is treated to Pussy Riot, a feminist punk-rock band seemingly created in a Frankfurt School laboratory. Pussy Riot is less any sort of music ensemble than a neo-Marxist cult that has performed an orgy in a museum and other obscene acts for propaganda purposes. When four masked members of the group broke into Moscow’s Cathedral of Christ the Savior and enacted a blasphemous ritual with journalists recording, they were arrested and sentenced to two years in prison for their creative endeavor[1]. Immediately international news networks launched an intensive assault against the Russian Orthodox Church and government; “human rights”, editorial columnists and talking heads bemoaned, were under threat from the autocratic Vladimir Putin and religious obscurantism.

The Pussy Rioters, already canonized as martyrs to the inverted liberal faith, have received not only their ideological inspiration from the West, but cash and information support as well. Their parent organization, the deviant “art collective” Voina (War), is tied to the U.S. National Endowment for Democracy through the leadership of the NED-bankrolled Russian-Chechen Friendship Society. What this managed melodrama signifies is another flashpoint in the ruthless psychological war prosecuted by forces of the Postmodern Empire. Russia’s recovery and resurgence must be thwarted at all costs, and devastating her culture through the projection of “soft power” is an economical means to that end.

Indeed, the entire point of democracy’s progression is not freedom, but the destruction of culture and leveling of once-proud and noble races into demographic material for exploitation by a global market system, the tyrannical World State. As the White émigré writer George Knupffer explained,

The teaching of Liberalism and Socialism, the ideas fostered in certain Masonic lodges, and the theses propounded by some of the various sects which appeared like mushrooms in so many lands, all pretended to serve some lofty and exalted cause. But all, in fact, served only the cause of the usurers, of the materialistic messianists, whose march towards world domination was furthered by these falsehoods.

U.S. policymakers, servants to financial elites and the heirs to rapacious Athens, decree that the strong do what they can, but the weak must suffer no longer- rather, they shall celebrate their enslavement as the universal reign of equality, an achievement of the ages. Under the new dispensation avant-garde perverts are venerated as saints, and jihadists as conquering heroes. Vive la guerre eternelle, and hail the shock troops of dystopia. Soon, we are told, only a criminal or madman would deny the magnificence and justice of this ancient dream made manifest. Reject the coming New Jerusalem, hopeless reactionary, and the powers of this world will move swiftly to crush you. Ready your soul for suffering and combat.

[1] The Cathedral of Christ the Savior was demolished by the Bolsheviks in 1931 and a swimming pool eventually built in its place. The church was restored and consecrated in 2000. Unlike the Communists, the liberal order seeks to destroy Christianity not with explosives and wrecking balls, but through social neglect, mockery and the all-encompassing subversive influence of news and entertainment media.